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For the first 16 years of my life, Athens, Greece was my home. I grew up surrounded by people from all walks of life and dozens of countries. In the beautiful conglomeration of refugees, asylum seekers, nationals, migrants, and expats, I found extraordinary beauty. Each person had a story to tell. Each person had value. Each person was on a journey, some more chaotic than others. This diverse start stirred up the desire within me to capture stories from around the world and use my camera to call others to action.

Through my images and film, I aim to document truth, advocate for those in need, and affirm the dignity of every human I come in contact with. Photographing people is more than sticking a camera in someone’s face to tell a particular story. Making people feel comfortable and respected is key to capturing authenticity; therefore, I strive to build connection with the people I photograph and interview. While I believe in portraying challenges honestly, I work to uphold each person’s dignity and show hope for the future.

Currently, I live in Chattanooga, TN with my coffee-and-art-loving husband, Jonah.