Hi, I'm Kayla!

Photographer, outdoor enthusiast, sushi lover, thrill seeker, aquaphile, and child of God. Honestly, the list could go on, since I end up liking a lot of things. I love to try most foods and experiences at least once! And I'm always up for a new adventure.

I'm married to a super creative, curly-headed guy named Jonah. He's my best friend, confidant, partner-in-crime, and biggest supporter. We both grew up in Europe and met in Greece after I graduated college. (You should definitely ask us our story sometime!) We currently live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

For the first 16 years of my life, Athens, Greece was my home. I grew up surrounded by people from all walks of life and dozens of countries. In the beautiful conglomeration of refugees, asylum seekers, nationals, migrants, and expats, I found extraordinary beauty. Each person had a story to tell. Each person had value. Each person was on a journey, some more chaotic than others. This diverse experience stirred up the desire within me to capture stories from around the world and share them with others. I bought my first DSLR at 15 and have been snapping photos ever since.

As I've come to learn, photographing people is more than sticking a camera in someone’s face to tell a particular story. Making people feel comfortable and respected is key to capturing authenticity; therefore, I strive to build connection with the people I photograph.

Send me a message, and let's get to work capturing your beautiful story!