I started documenting life around me as early as I can remember - keeping journals, typing up newsletters to send to family & friends, using my parents' point & shoot camera, and finally graduating to my own proper camera in high school.

Raised in Greece as a missionary kid, I was surrounded by people from all walks of life and dozens of countries. In the beautiful conglomeration of refugees, asylum seekers, nationals, migrants, and expats, I found extraordinary beauty. Each person had a story to tell. Each person had unique value. Each person was on a journey, some more chaotic than others. This diverse experience stirred up the desire within me to capture people's stories from around the world and share them with others.

I grew up absolutely loving the Mediterranean sun and sea. So after college, I decided to move to landlocked Tennessee. All in the name of love. :) I have come to cherish these hills and rivers which now surround me (although truthfully, my heart yearns to live near a real beach again someday).

I'm married to a super creative guy named Jonah, who also grew up in Europe. He's my best friend, confidant, partner-in-crime, and biggest supporter! (You should definitely ask us how we got together sometime.) We are in the THICK of parenthood right now with two sweet (& oh so active) toddler boys 19 months apart, who I have the privilege to be with full-time in this season. We currently live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Families are my jam

Bring on the cute & the crazy

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